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Mass Editing in Library

I have delayed upgrading from RealPlayer 16 for a long time because I wasn't crazy about the new format in the library.  I was forced to do it because of a multiple hard drive crash (which destroyed my backup as well).  Now that I have upgraded and moved all my pic's and vid's in (over 26,000 videos) I find that I can no longer edit multiple videos at the same time.  One example; I use a coding system in the "CD Track" field and if I wanted to edit a portion of the library I could use CTL or SHIFT "click" to select only the files to be edited.  A window (similar to the new "Details" window) would pop up and I could change the track number, hit OK and all of them would change.  It now appears they can only be changed one at a time.  I was only able to recover the file name so the rest of the fields came through blank.

I would appreciate any advise you can give me on this.

Jeff Genter

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Unfortunately, now it is not possible to use the functions "Edit caption" and "Details" when you select more than one file. It can be edited only one at a time. 

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