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I recieved a reply back reguarding my real player with real times telling me to go to the service  menue go to start or restart to change what ever it was from o to 120 and so forth well i did all that and when the sign in window pops up it still says not connected to real times i still cant sign in i am sure i do have files in with the player and dont want to lose them so do i have to uninstall real player with real times and reinstall it yet again i have the newest real player with real times so i have to do all that can you pleaae send me the download link to reinstall it again also the auto update keeps poping open everytime i try to get the playere to work why i dont know so i still have the same issue and need to know what it is i need to do please email me at xxxxxx or my number is xxxxxxx if you want to send a text to my phone thank you

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1- To resolve this issue, you need to uninstall RealPlayer as described below:

Please do not install RealPlayer at this stage, just follow this steps to remove RealPlayer and delete the application folders. You will install RealPlayer when you reach the line number 2.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you delete the application folders as described here:

2- Restart your computer and install RealPlayer by clicking here:

3- Sign in to RealPlayer. Here is how to do it:

I have edited your post to remove your personal information for your own safety.

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