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Getting RP like I have on my pc

I have a brand new Android Ellipsis 10 tablet. What I need is an app that will connect me to the version I have on my pc. you know, the kind where I,m already logged in and go straight to my account, library, where I go to record video's from YouTube. YouTube has changed their format from where I'd drop down from the song, hit share, then copy, then paste into an email.. I may be doing something wrong on my end but it is simple. Just click the thing to send it to my email. That works fine but on my pc I click the link, it highlights it, it opens and plays. This is where I'm confused. How do I get the video to play on my Android tablet.that way, I can send song to my video library where load music for my DVD......Dennis

Dennis Foley

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You can download the RealTimes app for Android by going to Google Play on your Android tablet and searching for "RealTimes".

Note: Please note that downloading videos directly from YouTube and other sites is a feature available only in the PC version of RealPlayer.

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