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Real player, real times

I do not like real times, it loads pics, vids, everything on your pc. Reminds me of the ol realjukebox, takes over everything.

I took it out & put in real player 16. It still puts all my pics in, I do not want this stuff in either player. I have read how to get rid of the pcs, does not work.



>>>>>>>>Remove folder is greyed out...see enclosed pic.

doc rocs

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I’m sorry to hear you aren't interested in the new features of RealTimes. I will certainly pass your feedback along.

While we do want to keep our product fresh and exciting, we understand that long-time users such as you care most about our core features.

In  order to for you to remove those locations shown in your image, you need to highlight them and then the Remove Folder will be active.

Your image shows that none of the paths on the left side are highlighted.




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