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I tried to download diners,drive-ins and dives tv episodes and I can now with new Edge browser, where I couldn't with Explorer 11. now that I can download the shows, it is very slow, and I picked the 1080dpi setting. it did download the program, but it sure too as long to do it and the show was in actual time. can something be done to reduce the download time, and the download symbol on the taskbar doesn't change color for the percentage of download that it is at.
also, if I upload to the cloud, how do I see what's stored on the cloud? does my library show it me everything?? a good training video of how to use Real Times would be Real Helpful !! what If I want to record a video with a camera and then burn a disc, how do I do that ?? what do I click on ? thanks.

Todd Fischer

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1 - Regarding the download speed:

Please consult this article:

Note: The download speed depends on the speed of your Internet connection, the general network and the server conditions. 

Additionally, please note that cleaning the temporary files and resetting the Web browsers should help with this issue. To know how to proceed, please click on the links below and follow the instructions:

b) b

2 - Regarding your Cloud content:

To see which files are uploaded to your Cloud:
a) Go to:;
b) Sign in with your credentials (your email address and your password).
c) Open the ''Photos & Videos'' section to see the uploaded files.

3 - To learn how to burn DVDs, click here:

I would also like to add that in case of difficulties you can always visit our Knowledge Base:, which contains hundreds of articles to help you use the program. For more Knowledge Base search tips, click here:

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