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Real Player Plus Account was deleted --- now Real Plus does not work

I purchased Real Player Plus on 08/10/09 oder number 157367111.

Not having used it for a while, I was surprised to find that my account no longer existed.  I refuse to upgrade to cloud, and cancelled all automatic downloads.  My version is I have now created a new account with the same user id as before.

Having paid for the version, I expect all features to be available as paid for. As far as I know, the license was not limited by time. Please rectify the situation.


Robert Freeth

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When you originally purchased RealPlayer Plus, you purchased RealPlayer 14, which was a one-time charge. Each version (RealPlayer 18, RealPlayer 16, RealPlayer 15, etc.) is considered a separate product--so with that purchase, you received updates and support of that version for no additional fees or hidden charges. We are no longer able to support RealPlayer 14 and we cannot guarantee its functionality as it is not being updated anymore.

For customers on Windows 7 and higher, we are now offering RealPlayer Plus version 18. This product offers additional features not included in previous versions. You can continue to use your current version without charge. If you want RealPlayer Plus version 18 with the additional features, it requires a purchase.

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