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using real player is a pain.  it is very confusing and gives me a hard time when I try to do some simple act, like deleting a file.  And it is also invasive, making "libraries" out of my computer's files when I do not want "libraries" of my computer's files; I just want to download a few videos, period. I don't need that much "help".   There is little or no instruction, and it makes it difficult to simply disable the feature of getting files from my computer and mixing it up with what I am trying to download.  It makes me think that real times wants the files from my computer to be made part of their database.  

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You can choose not to include photos (videos) from your hard drive in the PC desktop application. After following the steps below, you should see only those photos that are stored in your RealCloud.

1. Click the RealPlayer logo in the upper left and select Preferences.

2. The Library & Device Sharing dialog will open, listing the folders from which RealPlayer automatically imports content. Click your Pictures (or Videos) folder in the list, and then click the Remove Folder button. This will prevent future photos (videos) from appearing in the app, and will also remove from the app any photos (videos) in that folder. Don't worry, no content will be deleted from your PC.

3. Confirm that you want to delete the folder from RealPlayer, then click OK

4. Close and re-open RealPlayer You should now see only photos (videos) that are stored in your RealCloud.

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