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Sign in and failure to load

When I access Realplayer I get a "not connected to Realtimes" message. Going to Realtimes shows my sign in and account info, but realplayer still shows that message. I have used Realplayer for a long time and never had a problem or at least very few. I did change one thing and decided to use the backup that was part of my plan. It intended to backup way too much but I could not stop it. and it may still be going since I can't access it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times. I can access it now only on occasions and something is still way off. If realtimes and realplayer are two different things I want realplayer. I believe I am on the plan with unlimited backup for 9.99 a month. if there are new pay plans I need to know this. this is very frustrating as I consider Realplayer the best out there. HELP!

Vincent Mcbride

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