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How come I can not sign in to use real player, my icon for real player came off the screen, I paid already to up grade real player and I can't use it. My e mail I have tried downloading real player over and over again but still have no icon on my desk top, I called real player and was put on hold, never talked with anyone to fine out what is going on. Please advise me of what is going on with real player.


Thank You

Edward Anderson

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To resolve this issue, follow the below solutions:

Solution 1: Deleting temporary Windows files and folders:

Solution 2: Uninstall RealPlayer by following the article:

Solution 3: Run Microsoft's Fixit program:

Go to and run the Fixit program. This tool is often helpful in cleaning up previous installations and fixing installer issues. Remove entries related to RealPlayer and RealDownloader.

Solution 4: To download and install a new copy of the application, visit, click the Download RealPlayer for Free button, and follow the prompts to install the current version.

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