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Error loadlibrary failed 1114


Whenever I open Real Player I get the message :


Loadlibrary failed with error 1114: Une routine d'initialisation d'une bilbiotheque de liens dynamiques (DLL) a échoué.


I am using Windows 10

null null

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We will need to do further research to determine the cause of this error. To help us investigate, please provide the following information:

  1. Is this error happening only when playing a media file, if so what format (extension)? If not, is this happening when starting RealPlayer?

  2. Please check if the RealPlayer system tray process is working correctly by following these steps:

  3. a. Click on the hidden icons arrow in the lower right of your computer screen, near the clock 

    b. Right-click on the RealPlayer icon.

        c. Click "Go to RealTimes Web" -- the website should open in a new window if everything is working correctly. 

If this does not work, please reply with the outcome and let us know.

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