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Hi there i`ve been a client of real player for maybe ten years and I would like to find all of the content that i downloaded to realplayer over as many years that i have been a member as my last two computers were xp-pro and now have crashed and can`t be used to get into my realplayer programs,so can i retrieve my old account using xxxxxxx@gmail address or ??..kind regards Colin Thompson.

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Firstly, we want to inform you that RealPlayer library only holds the address or location of the files stored on your computer but not the original content itself. Therefore, we are sorry to say that if the files are lost during the crash or hardware failure it is not possible to retrieve them back unless you took backup of those contents to an external hard drive or storage. By doing so, you can re-import the contents again to the new computer.

But after the advent of RealTimes (support Cloud storage), you can take backup of your contents (videos and photos alone) to the Cloud storage and access/download them across devices. To learn more about RealTimes and uploading contents to Cloud visit the below articles:

I hope this helps.

Note: I wanted to let you know that we have edited your original post to remove your email address to protect your privacy. We do recommend that you refrain from posting personal information in a public Community forum.


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