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Your product does not work

First off I cannot paste my message in your detail box. Your paste does not work.

Your product is not working very well.

I will wait for RealPlayer to slowly copy a video from YOU TUBE. Then a message will come up telling me that it failed to copy. And I should try to coy it again. I then wait for it to copy a second time. Then the same fail to copy message comes up again.

If the video is not from YOU TUBE then it will copy successfully. Sometimes I will be able to copy a video but the video will not play back on RealPlayer. 

I cannot copy a video off of Google Chrome.     

I don't know how to make RealPlayer work. Please help me.  



Tsrif Tsal

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I FEEL LIKE I'M GONNA take a bottle of pills after numerous hours today trying to use my paid program.    IT SAYS I'M BACK ON FREE VERSION!!!!  HEY WHAT GIVES.  wILL there ever be a fix???  and i did uninstall and reinstall.

I'm paying to BURN.  I'm throwing a lot of discs away cos they've been ruined by your crummy program.  i didn't notice i'm on he FREE program again.   hey, where's my credit if your product doesn' work.  and i paid twice for this program


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