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Where are my videos?

I started my subscription on 1/7/2015 with   I used to have 309 videos that i uploaded on my account.  A couple years ago I could see the number and when i clicked on each one nothing would show up.  

I was communicating with someone on Facebook 1 or 2 years ago and they said they could see my videos and they would work on it.  I lost touch when I moved to my new apartment.  I stopped paying $4.99/month for the Premium Plan.

I don't know if my videos are in the cloud or what.  I want my videos and I will pay for a Premium subscription.  


Rita Lewis

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Back in 2017, we asked you multiple times (via ticket # 378392) requesting you to check your library but we didn't hear back from you except that you would look into it. We repeatedly requested for your confirmation but didn't hear back until now.

We are afraid that we are unable to restore those files any longer.

Please note: Paying for a premium subscription will not help in retrieving the deleted files.

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