Transfer files to and from a portable device

How can I transfer photos, music, and video to or from my portable device in RealPlayer?

RealPlayer 18 (RealTimes)

This feature is no longer available in RealPlayer 18 (RealTimes). Photos and videos can be uploaded to your RealCloud and then streamed or downloaded to another device logged into the same account. Another option is to transfer the files to a connected device using Windows Explorer:

  1. Open Windows Explorer and go to the location where the media files are stored.
  2. Open another window (Windows Explorer) and open the connected device.
  3. Highlight and copy the media files you want to transfer.
  4. Go to the connected device window and paste the media files to the connected device window.

RealPlayer Cloud and RealPlayer 16

In addition to transferring music and videos from RealPlayer to a portable device, with RealPlayer Cloud and RealPlayer 16 you can transfer photos directly to your device (except for iPod/iPad/iPhone), import media from your device to RealPlayer, and synchronize playlists between your PC and device. For step-by-step instructions on these options, please read our Help topic on Portable Players and Devices.

A few things to note:

  • The device transfer view is in the Library tab of RealPlayer.
  • Device Options are accessed only from the Device view, and allow you to select which types of files RealPlayer should import automatically when your device is connected.
  • RealPlayer cannot copy pictures to an Apple device (iPod, iPad, iPhone). Instead, please refer to iTunes help for syncing photos to your Apple device.
  • For music and videos, "Copy to" for an Apple device will launch RealPlayer Converter and you will transfer files using iTunes as usual.
  • When you connect an Android phone, it may show up as a different model phone in RealPlayer.
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