Connection problems and pop-up blockers

RealTimes/RealPlayer not connecting to Internet? Check ad-blocking/pop-up stopping software.

If you have ad-blocking or pop-up stopper software installed on your computer, it may prevent RealTimes/RealPlayer from connecting to the Internet. You may also have trouble signing in or get 'unable to connect to server' or 'service unavailable' errors.

Some pop-up stopper software (such as AdSubtract) uses proxy servers to filter unwanted content and advertisements. Unfortunately, these servers can also prevent RealTimes/RealPlayer from properly connecting to the Internet. To resolve this issue, please remove the proxy settings that the pop-up stopper uses. If that does not work, you may need to disable the pop-up stopper itself.

Solution 1: Disable the HTTP Proxy.

Proxies can block the video or audio stream. Try setting RealPlayer to use no proxy.

Solution 2: Disable the pop-up stopper.

If removing the proxy settings from RealTimes/RealPlayer does not work, you may need to disable the pop-up stopper so you can use RealTimes/RealPlayer: right-click the pop-up stopper icon next to your clock and select "Stop Filtering" or "Disable Pop-Up Blocker."

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