Viewing and managing photos

How can I add photos to my Library?

The Photos section in your RealPlayer displays all the photos in your Windows Pictures folder (and a few other common locations). To change the folders RealPlayer watches, go to RealPlayer > Preferences: Library & Device Sharing.

To add photos from other locations:
1. Open the Library.
2. Drag and drop photo files to the Library display area.

Can I upload or share photos in my RealCloud?

Yes! Enable Backup on your mobile devices and your camera roll photos will be automatically uploaded to your RealCloud storage (this works best if you have a RealTimes Premium or Unlimited subscription). You can also upload photos from your PC to RealCloud by dragging and dropping them onto the desktop software or your website account at

How can I make a slideshow of my photos in RealPlayer?

To view an instant slideshow of your pictures in the PC app, you can either:
- select a group of pictures, right-click, and click Play; or
- select an Album, right-click, and select Play Album. (It is not possible to change the order of items in an album.) You can also Create a Story to share with others.

Can I add videos or music to my slideshow?

Absolutely! Create a Story using photos and videos you’ve added to RealTimes, and add one of our featured music tracks or music from your personal library.

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