RealPlayer Plus features disappear each time I restart my computer

Why do I lose my RealPlayer Plus features each time I restart my computer?

If you lose your RealPlayer Plus features whenever you restart your computer -- meaning that you must sign in to get your premium features every time -- you may have cookies disabled in RealPlayer. This also happens if you have any security software that deletes needed RealPlayer files when your computer shuts down.

To get your RealPlayer Plus features automatically, enable cookies in RealPlayer.

You should now have your Plus features upon restarting.

If enabling cookies does not solve the problem, it may be that you installed RealPlayer on a drive other than your C: drive. To prevent this, uninstall RealPlayer and reinstall it on your C: drive; it will then set a cookie when you first sign in and will keep you signed in even when you close and re-open the player.

Finally, check if you have security software blocking RealPlayer's features. Refer to that software documentation for more support.

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