Unable to start RealPlayer

When I click on the RealPlayer icon, nothing happens. How can I get RealPlayer to start?

Please try the following solutions to resolve this issue. If Solution 1 doesn't work, then try Solutions 2 or 3:

Solution 1: In Task Manager, end the process for realplay.exe.

1. Open Windows Task Manager (right-click anywhere in the bottom bar of your screen, and select "Start Task Manager").
2. Click the Processes tab.
3. Right-click on "realplay.exe" and select "End Process Tree".
4. Try to open RealPlayer.

Solution 2: Remove discs and devices.

1. Disconnect all devices from the USB ports.
2. Remove disc from the CD/DVD drive (if there is a disc in there).
3. Restart your PC.
4. Try to open RealPlayer.

Solution 3: Uninstall and reinstall RealPlayer.

If none of these solutions helps, please contact customer support.

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