Only 20 seconds of downloaded clip play

When I download a video with RealPlayer, why do only the first 20 seconds play?

If your download consists of just a few seconds of the video or an advertisement, the video may not be available for download. All videos from embedded Quicktime, Windows Media Player, or Flash players are available for download with RealPlayer, except for:
• DRM-protected content (license-protected video from certain premium content providers)
• Streaming FLV videos
• RealVideo content set by content providers to be un-downloadable

If you are experiencing issues with downloading and playing HD or High Quality video (the video is unplayable or just consists of a few seconds of video), try this: During the playback of the HD or High Quality video, slide the playback indicator to the beginning of the clip, and then download the video. This will refresh the stream, allowing the saving of the entire file.

If you are still experiencing the issue, try the following steps (if you are on Windows XP, Solutions 1 and 2 do not apply):

Solution 1: Ensure the User Account Control has been enabled

1. Open the Start Menu and select Control Panel.
2. Select User Accounts.
3. Click Turn User Account Control On or Off.
4. Make sure the check box here is selected. (In Windows 7, use the slider to adjust the UAC settings.)
5. Restart the computer.

Solution 2: Run Your Browser as Administrator

1. Close down your preferred browser
2. Make sure that UAC is running.
3. Right-click the icon or shortcut for your preferred browser, and select Run As Administrator.
4. Click Continue or Allow on the prompt that appears.
5. Attempt downloading your video again

Solution 3: Reset Your Internet Browser

Click here for directions on resetting your browser. When you have finished, attempt downloading your video again.

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