RealPlayer Library loads slowly or not at all

Why does my RealPlayer Library take such a long time to load?

If you have recently deleted large numbers of clips or have deleted a large number of clips over time, My Library may begin to respond sluggishly.

RealPlayer 18: We are aware that customers who use Google Sign-in may see only a grey background when they first log in to RealPlayer. Simply close and re-start RealPlayer to correct the problem.

RealPlayer Cloud/RealPlayer 16:

To correct this issue:
1. In RealPlayer click the RealPlayer logo, then select Preferences
2. In the left window of the dialog box, click Library (in RealTimes, click Library & Device Sharing).
3. Click Advanced.
4. Click Database... at the bottom of the dialog box.
5. Click Compact Database.
6. Click OK to close the dialog box.

Note: You cannot perform this function while RealPlayer is playing or recording.

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