Uploading files to RealTimes

Do I need an account to put my videos or photos in the cloud?

You do need to create an account to use RealTimes, because you will need to sign in to this account from each computer or device you want to use. You can choose to login with Facebook or Google if you prefer. You can get 1GB of storage with a free account; for more storage, you will need to pay to subscribe to a Premium or Unlimited plan.

How do I upload and watch a video?

Upload from your PC: First, you will need to add the video to your PC Library. Then, simply right-click on the video and select Upload.

Upload from your Android or iOS device: Camera roll videos can be uploaded to your Cloud Library if you allow RealPlayer Cloud to access them when you first install the app. To upload, tap on the video and select Upload to RealCloud.

Upload from your Mac: Find the file and drag and drop it onto the app window or icon. You can also do this with folders if you want to upload every video in the folder.

Watch from any PC or device: Sign in to your RealTimes (RealPlayer) account, access the Cloud Library, and click or tap on the video you want to watch.

How do I upload a photo in RealTimes?

Upload from your PC: You can add the photo to the library in your RealTimes PC application (RealPlayer). Then, simply right-click on the photo in the app and select Upload.

You can also drag and drop the photo from a folder on your PC to the bar at the top of our website,

Upload from your Android or iOS device: When you first install the Android or iOS app you have the option of automatically backing up all your Camera Roll photo and videos via Backup. We recommend enabling Backup to keep your photos and videos automatically safe in your RealTimes account. We have flexible storage plans to ensure you won't run out of space. If you didn't enable Backup when you first installed your app, you can turn it on by visiting Settings. If you don’t have Backup on, simply tap on the photo and select Upload to RealCloud.

Can I upload music?

No, RealTimes is for storing and sharing videos and photos only.

My upload failed, what can I do?

Please check the following:

- Are you signed in? You must be signed in to the app to upload to your RealCloud and share videos or photos.

- Available storage space: If you have used most or all of your available storage space, then the upload will fail if the file size exceeds the space available. Videos will be uploaded to your RealCloud when being shared.

- Video length: Downloaded videos that are more than 20 minutes long can be uploaded, but cannot be shared. (This restriction does not apply to videos from your iOS or Android Camera Roll.)

- Internet/Wi-Fi connection: It's possible that a dropped connection interrupted the upload or share process. Please check your connection and try again.

- Clear your Transferring queue: At the bottom left of the PC desktop program, click Transferring. If any videos are displayed, right-click and select Cancel. Once all the queued videos are deleted, try the upload again.

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