CD Burner Preferences

What can I do in CD Burner Preferences?

Click the application logo on the upper left, and select Preferences: CD > CD Burner.

Use these preferences to select the CD-RW drive and control options that RealPlayer will use when burning (writing) custom CDs.




Default Recordable Drive

Select the default drive from the drop-down list.

Drive Information...: Show specifications for the default drive.

Write Speed: Select the desired CD write speed from the drop-down list. (The drop-down list shows the available speeds for the default drive.)

Enable test mode: When enabled, your drive will perform all the actions of burning a CD, but will not actually write anything to the blank disc. This mode can be used to determine the best speed (above) without having to lose any discs to buffer underrun errors or other issues.

Recordable Drive Options

Select the preferred CD writing options. (Some options may not be available with the selected drive.) These options are applied to the active CD-Recordable drive.

Eject the CD at the completion of each burn: The CD will be ejected at the end of each CD writing session, whether the CD has been finalized or not.

Always use 'quick erase' to erase rewritable CDs: When using RealPlayer to erase a CD-RW, only the TOC will be erased (QuickErase), rather than reformatting or otherwise destroying the existing files.

Enable buffer underrun protection: Turns on the underrun protection feature of your drive, if available. (See Drive Information, above.) The CD write speed is actively adjusted to prevent buffer underrun, but the audio quality may be impaired.

Always use Track at Once (TAO) for audio CD burning (Default: Off): Turns off Disc at Once (DAO) burning, which is much faster, but may cause problems on some drives. If your drive does not support DAO burns, the TAO option will automatically be selected and unavailable for change.

Recently Burned CDs

Store the CDs...(Default: On): Select to have RealPlayer save information about recently burned CD, including the tracks burned and the CD type. The CD History of recently burned CDs is available at the bottom of the Add Tracks from My Library list in the CD Burner.

Number of CDs: Select the number of recently burned CDs to remember.

Clear list: Click to clear CD History.


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