Liking shared photos and videos

What does it mean to "Like" something?

We added the option to "Like" photos and videos that are shared to you through RealTimes. Clicking the Like (heart) button when something is shared to you is an easy way to let people know that you enjoyed viewing a photo, view or album.  Your "like" becomes visible in the Gallery view for that shared item. The person who shared with you will get notifications that you liked what they shared, as will other people with whom that item was shared.

Can someone without a RealTimes account "like" something I share?

While you can share your photos, videos and RealTimes Stories with anyone, only other RealTimes users can "like" what you share. If you share anything with someone who does not have a RealTimes account, they can view the content you shared, but they must create an account to "like" your shared content.

Where can I see how many people "liked" something I shared?

Open the Sharing section of the website or mobile app, and select Items I've Shared (on a mobile device) or Shared By Me (on the website). If others have "liked" your shared files, the number of likes will appear next to the picture of the file.

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