What are RealTimes Stories?

What are Stories and how are they created?

Stories is the newest feature from RealTimes. We take your digital photos and videos and instantly transform them into video montages that you can edit, save, and share with your friends and family.

RealTimes Stories are automatically created on Android and iOS devices, as well as with the desktop RealTimes software. When photos and video are added to your Library, the app creates new stories for you. You can edit, save, and share the story we created, or combine your photos and videos to create your own.

Suggested Stories are created automatically when photos and videos are uploaded from the same day and location (if camera has location services turned on). These can be edited and can be seen on the device or computer where the images are stored. If you save your edits to a Story, the modified version will appear in the Saved section.

Saved Stories are Stories you created or edited and chose to save. They can still be edited and shared. They are also saved locally, on the computer or device where they were created.

Cloud Stories are completed files that cannot be edited. They are uploaded to the Cloud so can be shared. Cloud Stories appear only in the PC app.

How long can my Stories be?
For free users, 30 seconds is the maximum length. Premium and Unlimited subscribers can create Stories that are any length they want. (Learn more about subscribing.)

Do the Stories that are created for me take up my Cloud space?
Stories do not consume Cloud space until you choose to save them.

Can I delete Stories that were created for me?
No, but you can hide them:

How can I create and customize a Story?
Please read our articles about Creating your own Story and Editing RealTimes Stories.

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