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RealPlayer or RealTimes?

It seems that my PC now has both Real Player & Real Times installed on it. For years it was just Real Player, then to Real Cloud and now to Real Times. Is Real Times the app on IOS and Android devices? I'm extremely confused as to the difference between the Player & Times...... Someone please help me!

Stephen Anderson

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1 - We always recommend using the latest version of RealPlayer, which is RealPlayer 18/RealTimes, as it is continuously being updated and it's compatible with the current operating systems. Please note that each version (RealPlayer 18, RealPlayer Cloud, RealPlayer 16, RealPlayer 15, etc.) is considered a separate product. Also, we do not offer any updates for old versions.

Note: If you have more thatn one version of RealPlayer, installed on youd PC, you can uninstall all the versions and then you can install the current version. Here's how:

  a) To uninstall the program, follow the instructions from this article:
  b) To perform clean uninstall - i.e. to delete the application folders, follow these steps:
  c) Reboot your computer and reinstall RealPlayer. Finally, to install the current version, go to:

2 - Let me explain the difference between RealPlayer 18 Plus and RealTimes Premium: RealPlayer 18 Plus is a one-time purchase which gives you access to the Plus features, while RealTimes Premium is a monthly (or annual) subscription, which gives you access to the same Plus features, as well as additional Cloud storage space. For more information regarding the difference between RealPlayer 18 Plus and RealTimes Premium, please click here:

NOTE: Click on the links below to see the plans ant their characteristics: -- I see that you subscribed to RealTimes Unlimited via GooglePlay - this is Mobile & Tablet Only monthly subscription.


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