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RealPlayer does not Install correctly or Launch


First I am a little irritated trying to find "CUSTOMER" support without a way to "contact" the service provider.  As this is Community support, one can easily believe it wont be a high level support when you pay for a product.


I was told there was a new version of RealPlayer.  I installed it but since it has not worked correctly.  My desktop icon is gone, I have tried to uninstall, clear the registry items of RealPlayer and reinstalled.  It still does not install correctly or even put a desktop shortcut on my desktop.  Even if I check the box during the installation process.

To make it worse, when I go down the file path to the folders, there is no .EXE files and just a Data folder. As I pay for Premium I would like to use this program as desired and not fight with it just to not have it work.


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First, click on the link below to install and run the Microsoft troubleshooter. Run it a few times until you remove all Real and RealDownloader entries from the list.

Then, install RealPlayer in Safe mode by following these instructions:

NOTE: For more information on how to boot up your PC in Safe Mode, please consult this video:; additionally, make sure to select the ''Network'' option under the ''Safe boot'' option:

As for the provided support, we appreciate feedback from our clientele and continually strive to improve our processes.


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