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video downloads always incomplete

I paid good money for Plus service. Real keeps uploading new versions and on purpose messing up what you already have so you will buy a new version. Version 1 is as good as version 16. Why buy new versions? Just give me what I paid for when I first srtarted using Real srevices. You fixed it so when I try to download a video I always get an error message saying "download incomplete". I tried deleting Realplayer and redownloading it and it does no good. Robert Bell

Robert Bell

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When you originally purchased RealPlayer Plus, you purchased version RealPlayer Plus 16, which was a one-time charge. With that purchase, you received updates and support of that version for no additional fees or hidden charges. We're no longer making any updates to RealPlayer 16 (or RealPlayer Cloud).

Please be aware that we are no longer making any updates to RealPlayer Cloud or RealPlayer 16, and popular features such as Download This Video may not work on these versions. Therefore, we strongly recommend using RealTimes.  To know more regarding download incomplete error, please refer the below article:

Although customers who purchased RealPlayer 16 Plus continued to enjoy their Plus features at no extra charge when we released RealPlayer Cloud, in the new RealTimes these features are available either with RealPlayer Plus 18 or with a Premium/Unlimited subscription.
A subscription unlocks many more features than just the Plus features! See what's new in RealTimes:

Customers who previously purchased RealPlayer Plus can receive a discount when they upgrade to RealPlayer Plus 18, please click the RealPlayer Cloud logo in the upper left of your player and select "Check for Update."

If you still wish to install the previous version, please refer this article:

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