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Chrome plug-in? Older version than 16?

Are there any plug-ins that are compatible with Google Chrome?

Are there any links for downloads of older versions of RealPlayer that are just the plug-in for Firefox?

I'm not wanting to install this on our school's network because students would be saving YouTube videos all day and eating up our bandwidth.


Any options?



Curtis Trousdale

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Instead of a "Download This Video" button appearing just above the video you're watching, in Firefox, Edge, and Chrome, the downloader appears as a small drop-down button at the top of the browser whenever there is a downloadable video on the page you are viewing:


Just hover your mouse over the top center of your browser window, then click the button that drops down and follow the instructions. To see a quick demo of how this works, take a minute to watch this video:

To know more related to downloading videos using RealPlayer, please refer the below article:

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