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I can't burn any DVD's

I have Real Player Cloud and I used to be able to burn 700MB movies with no problem. However, something must have become corrupted or something because now when I try to burn a movie that's only a little over 400MB it comes up with the message "Will Not Fit" or "Unsupported Format". It doesn't seem to matter what format or size movie I try to burn, it always says the same thing! Something must have become corrupted or something. Anyway, I paid for this and now it's not working. If I uninstall it and download it again I'll end up with the free version I'll lose my ability to burn DVD's won't I?? Or will it reacquire all the features of Real Player Cloud if I download the free version and then sign in? And what happens to the videos I have in Real Player if I uninstall it??

Randall Smith

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We are no longer making any updates to RealPlayer Cloud, RealPlayer 16, or prior versions, so some features (such as Download This Video, burn CD/ DVD may or may not work on these versions.

As RealNetworks makes new products available to customers, it's not possible for us to continue supporting older products.

We always recommend using our most current version, which you can download here. The most current version is RealPlayer with RealTimes, available for customers on Windows 7 and higher (or Mac OS X 10.10 and higher).

If you uninstall, you able to re install from the link given below: 


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