Rename and organize music files

How do I change the naming convention for my music files and organize them into folders?

To organize and rename music files:

1. Start RealPlayer.
2. Click the logo in the upper left corner and select Preferences.
3. From the Category section, click Library & Device Sharing, and then select Advanced.
4. Click Change Sub-Folders, select the number and type of sub-folders in which you would like your music stored, and then click OK.
5. Click Change File Names, select a file naming scheme using the drop-down menus, and then click OK.
To the left of the Change Sub-Folders and Change File Names buttons, you can see how your files will be stored and named.
6. To finish, click Apply To Existing Media (if you are on RealPlayer 16), and then click OK. This applies any sub-folder and filename changes to all the files in your Library.

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