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Unable to sync Windows Phone with Zune due to RealPlayer

When I try to sync my Windows phone with Zune, I get a message that RealPlayer (or RealDownloader) is using my device. How can I resolve this so I can sync my phone?

Follow these steps to resolve this problem:

1. Close all RealNetworks programs that may be running--this includes RealPlayer, RealDownloader, RealConverter, and RealTrimmer.

2. Open Task Manager (right-click anywhere in the bottom bar of your screen, and select "Start Task Manager").
    a. Click the Processes tab.
    b. Look for recordingmanager.exe.
    c. Right-click on it and select End process tree.
    d. Do this for each listing you see for recordingmanager.exe (there may be duplicates).

3. Re-open Zune.

4. Sync.

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