Installing RealPlayer for the first time

How do I download and install RealPlayer for the first time?

The instructions below are for installing RealPlayer if you want the free version, or if you have never used RealPlayer before. If you are upgrading your current RealPlayer Plus to a new version, click here for instructions.

First, make sure that your computer meets or exceeds the minimum system requirements. Next, download the setup file. (Note: You need to be connected to the internet to download and install RealPlayer.)

If you are on a PC, follow these steps:
1. Go to (clicking this link will open a new window).
2. Click the Download Free button (on Windows 7 and higher) or the Download RealPlayer button (for Windows XP and Vista). If you'd like to buy RealPlayer Plus, go to and click the Buy Now button. You'll be prompted to enter payment information before the download starts.
3. If you are using Internet Explorer: This should prompt you with Run or Save. If you run the file, the setup begins automatically. If you save it, it will be saved to your hard drive, and then you can run it later.
If you are using Firefox: This should prompt you with Save File or Cancel. Click Save File, then click the icon on your desktop to run the installer.
If you are using Google Chrome: A "RealPlayer.exe" button should appear in the bottom left corner of your browser window. Click it to start the installation process.
4. Once the installer starts, you'll go through a process of selecting what parts you want to install, where you want to install it, and so on. The installer will walk you through all of this.

If you are on a Mac, click here to install RealPlayer Cloud for Mac.

Trying to access your paid Plus/premium features?
Downloading RealPlayer from will install the free version of RealPlayer to your computer. Just sign in to RealPlayer to unlock RealPlayer Plus--there is no separate download required. If signing in doesn't unlock the premium features, check these troubleshooting tips.

Need to update to the latest version of RealPlayer Plus?
You can either download the free version as directed above and then sign in to access your premium Plus features; or, you can sign into RealPlayer first and then click Check for Update under Tools. Depending on which previous version of RealPlayer you have, you may need to pay for the upgrade to keep your Plus features.

Trying to install an older version of RealPlayer?
See Downloading previous version of RealPlayer.

Getting errors?
This usually means your computer's antivirus, firewall, or pop-up blocking software is stopping the download. Check out these articles for troubleshooting tips:

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