Installing RealPlayer for the first time

How do I download and install your software for the first time?

If you are on Windows 7 or above, the current version is RealPlayer with RealTimes. Click here for installation instructions for RealTimes.

Trying to access your paid Plus/premium features?
Downloading from will install the free version of our software to your computer. Just sign in to unlock the RealPlayer Plus or RealTimes Premium features you've paid for--there is no separate download required. If signing in doesn't unlock the premium features, check these troubleshooting tips.

To subscribe to RealTimes Premium: click here for more information.

To purchase RealPlayer Plus 18: click here for more information.

Getting errors?
This usually means your computer's antivirus, firewall, or pop-up blocking software is stopping the download. Check out these articles for troubleshooting tips:

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