RETIRED 2/7/19 - RealPlayer SP for Mac freezes or quits

Why does RealPlayer SP for Mac OS X freeze or quit unexpectedly?

RealPlayer for Mac OS X may freeze or quit unexpectedly if the preference files are corrupt or installation of the player is incomplete. These issues can be resolved by performing the following troubleshooting steps:

Solution 1: Verify that your computer meets the system requirements.

Review the minimum system requirements for RealPlayer SP for Mac OS X.

Solution 2: Reset the RealPlayer preferences.

To reset RealPlayer for Mac OS X:

1. Click Help on the menu.
2. Select Reset RealPlayer from the drop-down menu.
3. When prompted, click the Reset button. This signs you out of RealPlayer.

Note: After the reset, you will be given an option to restore your favorite settings.

Solution 3: Perform a clean installation of RealPlayer for Mac OS X.

A corrupt installation of the player may cause it to freeze or quit unexpectedly. Uninstalling and reinstalling can help resolve the issue.

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