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How does Download This Video work on a Macintosh?

If you're using Safari or Firefox for Macintosh, you can download videos with RealPlayer SP by following these steps. (RealTimes for Mac does not currently have a Download This Video option. If you want to download RealPlayer SP from Mac, click here.)

1. Open RealPlayer (and sign in if you have RealPlayer Plus).
2. Open the RealPlayer Downloader in one of these ways:   

 - Click the downloader icon on the RealPlayer itself, next to the globe

downloader icon

  - RealPlayer->Preferences->Window->Open RealPlayer Downloader

Open RealPlayer Downloader
3. Open your browser (Firefox or Safari) and go to the video site.
4. Right-click on the video.
5. Click on the Downloader icon on the Dashboard.

Downloader icon

6. Click Download.
7. Click Play.

The video download location can be changed by going to:
RealPlayer Downloader->Preferences->Download files to


If the downloader does not show up, check to ensure the browser plugins are installed:
Firefox: Firefox->Tools->Add-Ons->RealPlayer Plugin.plugin  (enable)

Firefox Addons
Safari: Safari->Help->Installed Plugins->RealPlayer Plugin.plugin

Safari Addons

After verifying the RealPlayer Plugin.plugin is installed, go into the Safari preferences to ensure Plug-ins are enabled through the browser itself.

1. Open Safari.

2. Click the Safari tab in the top left-hand corner of the browser.

3. Select Preferences.

4. Click on the Security icon.

5. Under Web Content, make sure the "Enable plug-ins box" is checked.

Note: Download websites do occasionally change their formats. To determine if the problem is with RealPlayer or with a particular website, try downloading videos from a different website. To open a test video in a new page, click here.

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