Downloaded videos have the same name

Why do all my downloaded clips have the same name in my RealPlayer library?

If you're using RealPlayer SP for Mac OS X, you may see different videos downloaded from multiple tabs in Firefox that all appear in RealPlayer Downloader with the same name as the first video, or as "Untitled."

RealPlayer Downloader is triggered when a video starts to play, and creates a downloaded video title from the web page title. When you use mac command key-click to open a video in a new tab, the video starts to play before the tab comes into "focus". (A tab with focus in Firefox is the page being currently viewed, with a title in the tab.) This means that when RealPlayer Downloader starts, it has no title information available, or only the information from the previous page.

• The files can be renamed appropriately after you save them. Any files you save are stored in the RealPlayer Downloads folder inside your Movies folder. (You can change this location by opening RealPlayer Downloader > Preferences.) Click on a filename in the RealPlayer Downloads folder to rename the file.
• You can use Safari to avoid this issue.

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