Prevent videos from automatic upload to Cloud

I don't want all the videos I download to be uploaded to RealPlayer Cloud. How can I stop the automatic upload?

To prevent the videos you download from being automatically uploaded to your Cloud Library, you can uncheck the "Upload all the videos to RealPlayer Cloud" option in the RealPlayer Downloader:

1. Click the Windows Start menu at the bottom left of your monitor screen.
2. Select All Programs.
3. Click the RealNetworks folder to open it.
4. Click on RealPlayer Downloader.
5. At the bottom left of the RealPlayer Downloader window, uncheck the option to "Upload all the videos to RealPlayer Cloud."

NOTE: If you are unable to uncheck the option, please sign in to RealPlayer Cloud and then follow the instructions. The option is tied to your account, so you need to be signed in to set this preference.

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