Asked to 'verify and re-enter your email and password'

Why do I need to verify and re-enter my email and password?

The message "Please verify and re-enter your email and password" appears for one or more of the following reasons:

- Email address is incorrect
- Password is incorrect
- Email address is incomplete (don't forget to include the @ symbol and the part that comes after it)
- Capital letters are entered, but the email address is all lower-case
First, try the simple solutions: make sure the "Caps Lock" key isn't on, check for transposed letters, etc. Be very sure you are typing in the exact email address and password with any capital letters or punctuation as you originally created it.

If you are typing in everything correctly and still get the error, try resetting Internet Explorer (RealTimes and RealPlayer use IE to connect to the internet) and deleting temporary Windows files and folders

If that fails as well, click the "forgot password" link to have a reset link sent to the email address on the account.

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