RETIRED 2/7/19 - RealPlayer SP for Mac OS X cannot play clip

Why won't my clip play with RealPlayer SP for Mac OS X?

You may have trouble using RealPlayer for Mac OS X to play certain clips. Examples are: song clips from, or video from online sports and news channels such as ESPN. Error messages may include "This presentation can not be played. Please wait while RealPlayer searches for software" and "There is no software update available from RealPlayer to support this content."

To view the current file types that your RealPlayer can play and which it plays by default:
1. Click the RealPlayer logo at the top of the player, then click Preferences.
2. Expand the Content area and select Media Types.
3. Click the dot next to "Manually configure media types for RealPlayer".
3. Click the Select button.

The checked boxes are types that RealPlayer plays by default.

These issues occur because some websites rely on features not supported by all Macintosh web browsers. These features include ActiveX, Javascript plug-ins, and certain codecs. You can try one of the following options:

- From RealPlayer's File menu, choose New Browser to use RealPlayer's built-in web browser.

- If a site is not working with Safari, try it with the browser Mozilla Firefox (from

- Contact the site's publisher to ask about Macintosh compatibility.

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