RETIRED 2/7/19 - RealPlayer for Mac OS X fails to start after clicking a link

Why does RealPlayer for Mac OS X fail to start when I click a RealAudio or RealVideo link in a web page?

While RealAudio and RealVideo links will generally work in web browser windows, occasionally Safari or other web browsers will fail to hand off links to helper applications such as RealPlayer, and the link will not start.

If you are using Safari, be sure Safari's General Preference Open "safe" files after downloading is checked.

If you click a link in the browser and nothing happened, then the browser failed to hand off the link to any program. Do one of the following:

- Double-click the downloaded file icons directly in Safari's Downloads window.
- From the RealPlayer File menu, choose New Browser to use RealPlayer's built-in browser.

If you click a link in the browser for a RealAudio file and another program is launched, like iTunes or GraphicConverter, then the browser is handing off links to the wrong program. Follow these steps:

1. Look in the Finder to locate the file downloaded by the browser.
2. Hold the CONTROL key down and click on the file.
3. From the file's menu, select Get Info.
4. In the Open With section of the file's Info window, choose RealPlayer as the application.
5. Click the Change All button.

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