RETIRED 2/7/19 - 'You cannot receive this content' in RealPlayer for Mac

Why do I get a 'You cannot receive this content' error when I try to play a clip with RealPlayer for Mac OS X?

When you try to play a clip with RealPlayer for Mac OS X, you may receive the error message "You cannot receive this content." Your minimum bandwidth preference is set too low, or this content was created for higher-speed connections.

When you play a clip from the Internet, RealPlayer uses the normal bandwidth setting in Preferences to choose whether to attempt a connection. If the clip you are trying to play was created for a higher-speed connection than your current Normal Bandwidth setting, RealPlayer returns this error without attempting to play the clip.

With the popularity of broadband connections, more content providers are offering higher bandwidth content. This error is especially common for dial-up users accessing higher bandwidth content or MP3 radio stations.

To resolve the problem, check that your bandwidth setting is correct for your connection, and play only those clips compatible with your connection speed.

To verify that your normal bandwidth setting is correct:

1. Open RealPlayer, click the RealPlayer menu, and then select Preferences.
2. Click the Connection icon.
3. Determine your current connection speed via your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and manually select it at the Connection Speed drop-down list.
4. Determine your current bandwidth and manually select it at the Maximum Bandwidth drop-down list.
5. Close the window.

You can now try to play the clip again. If the error persists, your connection speed is not fast enough to play this content. Dial-up users can usually eliminate this error by upgrading their connection type to DSL or cable modem.

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