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Getting 'Upgrade for h.264' popup when converting files

What can I do if I'm getting an "Upgrade for h.264" popup message when trying to convert files?

Converting to h.264 format is a premium feature; this option is not available to users who have only the free versions. If you receive an h.264 popup when trying to convert files, please try one of the following solutions:

1. If you have already purchased RealPlayer Plus (or subscribed to RealTimes Premium or Unlimited), be sure to sign in before converting clips. After signing in, please close RealTimes and re-start it before trying the conversion again.

If you are getting signed out after receiving this popup, click here.

If RealTimes is unable to install the additional components it needs, it's possible that your anti-virus software is blocking the download. You can try temporarily disabling the anti-virus software, installing the additional components, then re-enabling your anti-virus program.

2. If you do not have RealPlayer Plus or a paid RealTimes subscription, you'll need to select a different option when converting files:

- In the Converter window that opens after you select a clip to convert, click the big silver button that appears under the words "Convert to" below the list of clips.

- Select your device (if it's not already selected).

- Then, click the details button next to your device name and select a format for conversion. For example, if you have a Motorola Droid, your options would look like this:


You can also change the default settings for a particular device; see Viewing and Setting Device Details for complete instructions. Changing your settings will prevent the pop-up from appearing when you select that device in the future.

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