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Get more space by referring your friends

How can I refer friends to get more free storage space in RealTimes? Will my friends get bonus space too?

You can earn 1 GB of free space for each friend you refer who then creates a RealTimes account using the link you sent them. And your friend will get an extra 1 GB of free space too! Or, if you use RealTimes to share a video with a friend who then signs up for a Cloud account from the shared video page, you will each get 1 GB of bonus space. You can refer up to 300 friends.

NOTE: Your friend must click the link in the invitation you sent, and create an account before downloading the software, in order for both of you to get the bonus space.

Here's how referring a friend works:

1. After signing into your RealTimes account at, go to

2. Enter one or more email addresses in the space provided:

3. You can simply click "Send" to send an email inviting your friend(s) to get a RealTimes account; or, you can get a link to send from your own email client or via instant message; or you can share a link on Facebook that can be used by any of your Facebook friends. If you choose Send, you'll see a message at the top of the page that your invitation was sent successfully:

NOTE: If you are trying to refer a friend and are experiencing difficulty, please close the app, re-open it, and sign in again when prompted (after clicking Refer A Friend).

You can check the status of your referrals at any time on your Get More Space page.

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