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Our Knowledge Base contains hundreds of articles to help you use RealTimes or RealPlayer on your PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows 8 devices. If you're having trouble finding the answer you need, here are some tips to make your searches more effective:

- As soon as you start typing, some suggested answers will appear in a drop-down; these are directly related to the keywords you type in. If you don't see a helpful answer, finish typing your search terms and press Enter -- you will then take advantage of our "natural language" search feature which should bring up more accurate results.

- Use just a few keywords related to your issue. Too many words can produce a long list of irrelevant answers. Instead of typing "why can't I download my favorite Michael Jackson video from YouTube?" try "can't download video".

- Don't include "RealPlayer" in your search terms. Pretty much every article contains our product name, so including the name will dilute your results. Focus on the problem, for example "how to uninstall" or "freezes when playing video."

- Don't search for media content (movie or TV show titles, actors, musicians, or genres)--this is a Knowledge Base, not a download site. If you're experiencing an issue related to the content, use keywords that focus on the issue, such as "sort by artist name" or "cast a movie on my TV."

- If searching doesn't help you find the answer you need, you can click on a category name (such as "Sign-in & Password" or "Play Videos") and browse through the list of related articles.

Of course, if you still can't find the answer, our customer support agents are happy to help--just click the Contact Support link below to submit your question.

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