Adding multiple photos to an album

Can I add several photos and/or videos to an album all at once, instead of one-by-one?

Note: When you first try to upload files, add photos or videos to an album, or activate Backup, you will be prompted to activate RealCloud (free, Premium, or Unlimited).

On a mobile device:

1. Open the RealTimes app.

2. Tap the three horizontal lines.

3. Tap Photos & Videos.

4. Click on three vertical dots and tap Filter (this will allow you to choose photos or videos).

5. Long tap on a photo, and then multi-select the photos (the icon on each selected photo will change to a white checkmark inside a blue circle).

6. Tap the three vertical dots and then Add to Album.

In the PC software:

1. Open RealTimes.

2. Click on Library.

3. Choose Photos or Videos from the drop down list.

4. Hold the CTRL key and select multiple photos.

5. Click More (at the bottom of RealTimes) and then click Add to Album.


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