Where are my paid features in RealPlayer 20/20?

RealPlayer 20/20 is a new major release packed with innovation from automatically recognizing and organizing your library by people, to an improved downloader with subscription to YouTube channels,  video duplicate removal, brand new UI and more. 

RealPlayer 20/20 is a full version upgrade from RealPlayer 18 and earlier versions.  While minor version upgrades of RealPlayer are free for paid users, upgrading to a new major release requires purchasing an updated version of Plus or Express at a discounted rate.  

If you purchased after April 1st, 2020 you are NOT required to purchase an updated version of Plus or Express.  Simply log-in to RealPlayer 20/20 to activate your paid features.

You can choose to not upgrade to RealPlayer 20/20 and keep your current version of RealPlayer 18 with its current Plus or Express benefits. If you need to re-install RealPlayer 18, click here.

Alternatively, you can also choose to use RealPlayer 20/20 as a free version, without the Plus or Express features.

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