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Unable to view all videos i had downloaded .

Can please check by doing a remote & update if necessary. Also unable to download. myself no good in computer,so suggest do a remote to my system. Like the service before.Thank you in advance. Leong Seng ,Ng .(early morning Singapore time will be good)

Leong Seng Ng

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I would like to know where all of my video content went. It seems that almost all of my videos have magically dissapeared and I don't appreciate it one bit. I have been a loyal customer for about four or five years now and have never had anything like this happen before; also, why do I keep getting the error message telling me that my cloud is full when all that was there is no longer? Please fix this or else I willhave no other option but to close my account and start using another service. Thank you for your time. John Collins       

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