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Major rant.

I have been using RealPlayer since the mid-late 90s.  During that time you have performed numerous update, upgrades. However, in my experience, the program has gotten worse rather than better.  Way back when you used to have three custom data fields that the user could use for whatever they wanted.  My collection contains over 14000 titles.  I am a rock and roll enthusiast that uses chart data for making some of my playlists.  I spent many hours putting in that data, only to have most of it disappear later when I installed an upgrade only to find out that two of the custom fields had been removed.  That screwed up my main reason for using your program.  I still used it but was very upset about the wasted hours because you folks decided these fields were unnecessary, so you changed it without ever letting anyone know.  Since I was unable to find any program that was better, I continued to use yours.  Over the years a myriad of irritating problems have come and gone ( for the most part).  However, it never seems to ends. Lately, the issues appear to be 

1.  Multiple sorts whenever I go back to the main music screen. I never asked for the sorts though, and one would have been okay however it always does it twice.

2. I put together playlists and then wanted to go back to rearrange them, however that process became very long and laborious since it would take half a minute or more to move one song up or down the list.

3. Because of the above problem, I uninstalled RealPlayer and reinstalled it. The problem sort of went away but returned.  Also in the process, I lost the 10 channel equalizer.  The system now says that I only own the free version.  Not true, but it has been a while since I paid for the upgraded version.  Apparently, the records got screwed up somewhere.  (Funny how that happens.)  

4.  I also run into times where when I ask the program to do something it takes a very long time to complete the request.  I have seen times where while playing a song the slider at the bottom of the screen stops moving, but the music continues unless you are at the end of the song, then everything just kind of sits there for a while and then decides to go back to working properly.


After all the years and all the upgrades, it is disappointing to continue to see these issues.  All the new features seem to take all your time, but no checks to see that everything works well.  Someone told that my problems may be caused by the number of titles in the system.  I don't buy this since it should not make any difference.  I really think that after over 20 years of using this program, it should be problem free unless I use some of the newer features. Unfortunately, that is not how it goes.  I really am disappointed, since in the beginning, this program was just what I needed.  No other programs out there that I have tried allow for data entry so I have pretty much given up on that issue but I really am frustrated by all the other issues.


Before you blame it on my system of the version of Windows or anything like that, know that I have been in in the computer business, for  35 years doing technical work with Windows.  I have built large networks for many years, and also have run my own computer repair and maintenance company for the last ten years.  I do know what I am doing.  I do not really expect a reply from you guys, but I needed to rant so here it is.  I will be looking for another program to fill my needs though after all this time I have not found one that does most of what I want quickly and easily without the problems I have been happening.

Currently running Windows 10 on and ASUS gaming laptop. 12 gig memory, 4 terabyte hard drive.

Tom Riggs

Tom Riggs

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