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Converting to iTunes



  • Official comment

    The latest version of RealPlayer (v18) does not have the feature that older RealPlayer versions used to have that allowed adding converted music files to iTunes. If you are using an older RealPlayer version like 16, please note that these versions are no longer updated or supported and they may stop working properly at any given time.

    If you are using the latest RealPlayer version, please explain what exact steps you are taking when converting files and adding them to iTunes, so we can assist you further. To learn how to check what RealPlayer version you are using, please refer to: How can I tell what version of RealTimes (RealPlayer) I have on my PC?

  • michael taylor

    Quite simply the converter is not 'asking' me do I want to safe the converted video in my itunes library.

  • Real CS

    We have removed this feature. You will have to manually add your music files to iTunes.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.


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