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Where are the Real Player library files located please?



  • Official comment

    By default, all videos downloaded using RealDownloader are stored in a folder called RealDownloader located in C:\Users\<Your user>\Videos.

    To transfer your files from your old PC, you would need to copy them to an external memory device (such as a usb drive or an external hard drive) and then paste them in a location on your new PC. Once you've done that, you can import them to the RealPlayer Library on your new PC by following the steps from: Files missing from Library

  • null null

    The files are NOT where you say they are. Please tell me where the files really are so I can back them up

  • Real CS

    You can locate the files by following these instructions:

    1. Open RealPlayer and go to Library

    2. Right click on the video and click Locate files

    This will open where the file is stored. 

  • Arthur R Pennanen

    i will not ask again. remove real player from my computer. i ask you to uninstall more than once. i will be calling or going to my bank and put a block on any payment that comes from you so remove yourself now  

  • Real CS

    We will not be able to remove any program installed on your computer including RealPlayer. You will have to uninstall yourself. You can do so by going to Add/Remove Programs from your Control Panel.



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