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My Realplayer keeps shutting down

I recently started using windows 10. When I opened Realplayer for the 1st time in windows 10, I got a message to download new update. I did and the the whole RP display was different and now it keeps shutting down. Can someone tell me what might be going on. Also I  dont use RP for video or pictures or anything other than music. Help!

Pat Calvo

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We see that you purchased RealPlayer Plus v.18. If you installed RealPlayer v.20/20, you will need to upgrade to activate Plus features in RealPlayer v.20 as this is a different product with additional new features. If you want to upgrade, please let us know. As a loyal user, you are eligible for a discount.

If you don't want to upgrade, you will need to uninstall RealPlayer v.20 and install RealPlayer v.18. You can install RealPlayer v.18 by clicking this link.

Once you have installed RealPlayer v.18, you will need to sign into it to activate your Plus features.

Please let us know if you have additional questions.


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